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In building a common space future, we look to creating and supporting tangible impact. During the course of the Karman Fellowship, Fellows traverse global issues and trends that will define the future, from five to ten years’ time and beyond. They look at these topics through a space lens - identifying challenges and exploring how space technologies can contribute to solving, anticipating or mitigating such challenges. Karman Fellows are then supported in taking a personal commitment - a pledge - to further advance a topic of their choice focused upon:

The Karman Community supports these commitments by rallying resources and partners, and in 2021, the Karman Project is pleased to announce the launch of a fund dedicated to enable Fellows to kickstart their pledges: the Karman Impact Fund

fellowship commitments 2020

Tackling Global Space Agendas

Throughout the 2020 Fellowship, the Karman Fellows organically divided themselves into four agenda groups based on their passions and expertise:

Both individual and group commitments were taken toward furthering these chosen agendas and commitments taken in 2020 - that the Fellows remain presently committed to implementing - include: creating a support network among emerging space agencies, piloting the broadcast of coding lessons via the expansion of satellite capabilities in a Nigerian school and designing a creative space to share space-themed cartoons to inspire a wider audience.  

Space Governance: Commitment Highlights

Tom Segert

Tom Segert

founder & ceo
Berlin Space Technologies

Commitment: Author a series of articles under the working title “Space Done Wrong Right” - exploring a number of topics that support best practices for a truly commercial space industry in Europe. 

Progress: Tom is deep diving into ten key themes and has so far explored questions such as who sets the terms and conditions for space, the psychology behind innovation and whether agency-sponsored satellite programs are destroying the commercial space industry. 
Follow Tom on LinkedIn here to ensure that you never miss an article, and check out his ‘Space Done Wrong’ series here

Rogel Mari Sese

Rogel Mari Sese

Chair, Dept. of Aerospace Eng.
Ateneo de Davao University

Commitment: Author a series of articles on the best practices on establishing a national space policy for developing countries.

Progress: Rogel has authored a chapter entitled "The Philippine Space Program: A Modern Take on Establishing a National Space Program" in the soon-to-be-released book "ASEAN Space Programs - History and Way Forward". Additionally, he is working together with the Karman Community to organise a webinar for emerging space nations on how to proceed with developing their own national space programs. Stay tuned! 

Bonus: In an additional committed effort toward bridging the digital divide, Rogel has led the ACCESS Mindanao Program (Ateneo de Davao University Community Connectivity Empowered by Satellite Services for Mindanao), connecting remote and isolated communities to the internet using satellites. 9 out of the 12 intended antennas have been successfully installed, and the program is now expanding to other regions.

Bridging the Digital Divide: Commitment Highlights

Temidayo Isaiah Oniosun

Managing Director
Space in Africa

Christopher Richins

RBC Signals

Eileen Tanghal

IQT International

Commitment: In a commitment toward bridging the digital divide, Temidayo, Christopher and Eileen are working together to coordinate the provision of internet connectivity to a pilot school in Africa via connection to an internal satellite; and secure 3-5 content providers to provide classes to the connected school.

Progress: Temidayo, Christopher and Eileen are pleased to have partnered with a Okaka Community Grammar School in Nigeria, Africa - a school of approximately 480 students. The team have also secured the first of their content partnerships with - a non-profit dedicated to expanding access to computer science in schools and already working with 60 million students worldwide. Currently, the team are focusing upon securing a partner for satellite connectivity - check back here for regular progress updates.

Climate Change: Commitment Highlights

Prateep Basu

Prateep Basu


Commitment: Removing the barrier to design solutions around climate change adaptation and the mitigation of its impact by opening up pan-India processed satellite imagery and weather datasets at SatSure.

Progress: Prateep and the team at SatSure have successfully launched SatSure Sparta, an open innovation platform with an objective of developing an ecosystem, collaborative and co- innovation attitude in the agricultural ecosystem. The platform has been founded upon the ideas of democratisation in agriculture and community building, where amateurs and experts volunteer can come together to achieve a common objective, solving problems in agriculture. SatSure Sparta has different forms and formats of datasets available which can be accessed through APIs like remote sensing derived crop insights, weather data, public and econometric data (to name a few). 

Check out SatSure Sparta here.

Fabien Jordan

Fabien Jordan


Commitment: To provide affordable IoT solutions based on direct-to-satellite communications to support sustainable applications in agriculture, water management, climate monitoring or any other environmental applications. To involve local entities in the co-development of these solutions.

Progress: In his capacity as Founder & CEO of Astrocast, Fabien and his team developed a global Satellite IoT Network providing comprehensive direct-to-orbit services that include advanced nanosatellites and communication modules, and enterprise-class services. The team has launched a Pilot Program dedicated to enabling organisations working at the intersection of satellite technology and climate mitigation to expand their reach. 

One of their partners, Wildlife Computers - the leading provider of advanced wildlife telemetry - is providing a solution that is key in getting important data about energy savings, climate change tracking and water prediction, among others. You can read more about this Pilot Partnership on Astrocast’s website here.

the karman impact fund

The Karman Impact Fund has been created to directly support the Fellows’ commitments and cooperative projects. 

It will be launched to support the 2021+ cohorts of Karman Fellows in providing kick-starting donations ranging from 5,000 EUR to 10,000 EUR. 

The Karman Impact Fund is open to sponsor donations, so if you’d like to have a hand in directly supporting the Karman Fellows in bringing their commitments to life to create cooperative and impactful projects, we’d love to hear from you!