Anne & Frédéric Lévi


Frédéric Lévi, son of Andre Lévi; Andre Levi was an Italian born in Cairo who graduated in France as engineer but turned his life around in his 30’s to follow his life call: The lutherie. Self-taught as violin maker he developed in the 1970’s a method of tone enhancement based on its research in acoustics, and was a pioneer by introducing unsung treasure of modern Italian violins to the French players. Imposing himself as the leading expert on those late nineteenth and early twentieth instruments.

Frédéric Levi therefor spent his childhood and part of his youth amid violins and varnish scents, accompanying several months a year his father visiting  violin workshops across Italy. After scientific studies in France, Frédéric learned violin making in Newark (UK) and then perfected his restorations techniques in many workshops such as Gosling (UK), Morel (NY, USA), Schmitt (Lyon). In 1999 he officially took over the family's workshop, succeeding his father for the expertise. In the early 2010s, he designed and licensed to other experts an unprecedented online authentication method for instruments certificates. Since 2010 he has been collaborating with a pool of world leading experts in the creation of reference publications.

Anne has a bachelor in French literature and in Chinese from Inalco. She wanted to express herself in art and craft, and left France for Newark violin making school where she met Frédéric. Very gifted, and with work experience in Asia, she was selected from her class to run a violin workshop in China strait out of school. Ultimately she preferred to join Frédéric and learn sound improving techniques from his father.