The Karman Project is about exploring and celebrating the infinite potential of space: the innovations, technologies, research and discoveries that continue to push the boundaries of humanity as we know it. Beyond science, patience and invention - space involves an incredible amount of creativity.

In honour of this ongoing dance between space and creativity, we cooperated with Artist Michael Najjar to create ten fictional and inspirational space scenarios from the year 2030. Building on facts and progress made over the past ten years, we stretch our imaginations and take a sci-fi approach to ten key topics:

We invite you to view our Space^10 collaboration here.

We provide our deepest thanks to Michael Najjar, Artist for his contribution to this project and invite you to further explore his artistic practice here.

Notes & Credits

The views expressed in this artistic science-fiction document are independent, inspirational and artistic.

Research, Writing & Editing: Karman Project Team
Artistic Imagery: Michael Najjar
Design: Amit Barnea