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We foster independent dialogue between global leaders in tech, science, business, politics and the arts who want to positively impact space.
The Karman Project announces inaugural cohort for Karman Fellowship Programme
Hannah Ashford
June 22, 2020
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The Karman Project strengthens personal relations and fosters independent dialogue between global leaders in technology, science, business, politics and arts who want to positively impact space.

We are a nonprofit, independent and global initiative headquartered in Germany. Our funding is coming from a European family passionate about space.

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Each year we invite participants coming from diverse nationalities and sectors:

  • 15 Karman Fellows who are below 45 years old and whose achievements in space are outstanding. We consider them leaders who are shaping the future of space.
  • 50 global leaders coming from various countries and sectors to shape common space agendas together with the Karman Fellows.

Karman Project participation(s) are intuitu personae invitation(s). The Chatham House Rules apply to all discussions.

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Each summer, 15 carefully selected Karman Fellows are invited to spend three days together. They strengthen mutual relations, meet with global leaders and design space projects tackling global challenges and/or contributing to expand humanity’s knowledge in space.

In 2020, the Karman Week is organized in Europe. It will be organized in another continent each year.

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Karman Day


Each winter, 50 global leaders in tech, science, business, politics and arts are invited to join the Karman Fellows.
The day is organized around:

  • Sessions where participants design disruptive and impactful space projects.
  • Keynotes by Karman Fellows about the trends that would shape the future of space in the next 5-10 years.

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Profile Picture of Helene Huby

Helene Huby


Currently VP Orion European Service Module, Helene was Head of Innovation at Airbus Defence & Space where she grew a portfolio of 20+ new profitable businesses, laid the foundations of A^3 and Airbus Ventures in Silicon Valley.

Privately she invests in tech startups, serves as Senior Adviser of Red River West VC and in the boards of startups in the US, China and EU. She co-founded the Microbiome Foundation and is an Anchor Partner at Yunus Social Business.

Profile Picture of Artur Koop

artur koop


Artur is the Avionics and Power Subsystem Lead of the Orion European Service Module at Airbus Defence and Space. He held several thermal & propulsion engineering positions beforehand.

Artur was a visiting researcher for bioengineering at NASA Ames. He also worked as a development engineer at the Institute of Astronautics in the Technical University of Munich and holds a MSc. in Aerospace Engineering.

Profile Picture of Ke Wang

Ke Wang

Director, Operations & Growth

Ke is CEO of Disrupt Space, a platform which provides business cooperation opportunities for commercial space companies globally. She also works as co-founder and COO of the Great Wall Festival which promotes cultural exchange between China and other countries. 

She graduated in international law and practiced in trade remedies and WTO dispute settlements in Beijing. She also holds a MA in Business Management from ESCP-Europe.

Profile Picture of Ke Wang

Hannah Ashford

Director, Fellowship & Community

Hannah oversees the Community Department at Factory Berlin, Germany’s leading innovation community of 3,500+ international creators from the tech, creative and corporate industries. She is responsible for ensuring the success of the product, engagement and customer units whilst fostering a close relationship with their network of members and partners.

She graduated in Law (Honours) and Journalism in her home country of Australia, and practised as a lawyer before relocating to Berlin in late 2015.

Profile Picture of Magni Johannsson

Magni Johannsson

Director, Startups

Magni is a Swedish-Icelandic entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Disrupt Space where he fostered the growth of the entrepreneurial space ecosystem in Europe. Magni also co-led Europe’s first Startup Weekend Space, and has mentored space startups in Europe and the US.

With a background in aerospace engineering, Magni worked at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) designing next generation launch vehicles and space planes.