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Karman Impact Fund

In building a common space future, we look to creating and supporting tangible impact. During the course of the Karman Fellowship, Fellows traverse global issues that will define the future. They look at these topics through a space lens - identifying challenges and exploring how space technologies can contribute to solving, anticipating or mitigating such challenges. Karman Fellows are then supported in taking a personal commitment to further advance a topic of their choice. The Karman Community supports these commitments by rallying resources and partners, and the Karman Project is pleased to support our Fellows in kickstarting their pledges via the Karman Impact Fund

The Karman Impact Fund has been created to directly support the Fellows’ commitments and cooperative projects, and does this via scholarships awarded by a committee in accordance with our Foundation's Bylaws. 

The Karman Impact Fund is open to sponsor donations, so if you’d like to have a hand in directly supporting the Karman Fellows in bringing their commitments to life to create cooperative and impactful projects, we’d love to hear from you! 

Sponsorship of Activities

The Karman Project runs various activities which are designed to support the Karman Fellows and other community members throughout the course of the Karman Fellowship. Our main activities include Karman Week (an intensive leadership week designed annually for the Karman Fellows), the Karman Gala Dinner (a gathering of the Karman Community and other key stakeholders to support the fellows in declaring their visions and voices towards a cooperative future in space), and other community events and projects (such as Strategic Roundtable Discussions, local gatherings, the Mentorship Program and similar). We welcome sponsors and donors for all of these activities, and are happy to collaborate! 

Karman Benefactor

Karman Benefactors are those who believe in our vision and mission in fostering trust, independent dialogue and cooperation between the ones who are shaping the future of space. 

They support us by being a honorary benefactor of Karman Project Foundation, the Karman Fellows’ Commitments, and our cooperative global partnerships and activities. 

If you would like to support our foundation, we’d love to hear from you!

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Oyku Gursu

Director, Partnerships & Fundraising


Which currency can I support in?

We're very appreciative of your support, and accept donations in Euro (€) currency.

How will my donation be used?

As a non-profit foundation, the Karman Project is accountable towards strict regulations regarding the use of any funds and donations. All funds must be used in accordance with our ByLaws, which outline our key activities pursuant to our foundation's mission and objectives. 

Specifically, the Karman Project has various activities which are designed to support the Karman Fellows. These include Karman Week, the Karman Gala Dinner and various Community Events and Projects. We keep our community regularly informed about our activities and engagements. If you would like to make a larger donation or design a more tailored package, please reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss options for you to join us as an Impact Partner or Benefactor of the Karman Project.

Can I make specific requests as to how my donation is used by the Karman Project?

If you would like to make a specific donation or design a more tailored package, please reach out to us and we will be happy to discuss options for you to join us as an Impact Partner or Benefactor of the Karman Project.

Will I get a tax receipt?

Yes, you will receive a charitable tax receipt for income tax purposes. The tax receipt is sent to you as an e-mail attachment to avoid administrative and mailing costs.

Does the Karman Project sell, rent or trade donor information to other agencies?

No, absolutely not. The Karman Project values your support, and we are committed to protecting your privacy. We will not trade or sell your data for commercial use, or use your data in any manner other than in accordance with our Privacy Policy. 

Other questions?

Should you have any further questions about your donation, please don't hesitate to email us at hello@karmanproject.org. Many thanks for your support! 

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