Fellowship Programme

Each year the Karman Fellowship Programme supports 15 Karman Fellows to strengthen their mutual relations, meet with global leaders and shape agendas that have the potential to positively contribute to space.

Over the course of approximately one year, agendas shaped by the Fellows are pursued through tangible and measurable commitments declared toward them; first by the Fellows themselves, then by other members of the Karman Project, and lastly by invited global leaders.

Meet with Global Leaders
Fellows meet with global leaders from diverse sectors to gain inspiration and to understand their challenges.
Strengthen Mutual Relations
Fellows meet with each other to strengthen mutual relations and foster new cooperations.
Shape & Pursue Common Agendas
Fellows create common agendas and make initial commitments supported by other Members and external global leaders.

Selection criteria

Karman Fellows are a new generation of change-makers and global leaders. They are below 45 years old and come from diverse nationalities and sectors.

The Fellows are selected based on five criteria and presented to a Selection Board of 20 highly respected and successful professionals who make the final decision.


Exceptional Achievement.
Based on recommendations from the Selection Board Members, the Karman Team and checked with reputable public sources.


Contribution Across Industries and Countries.
Based on public facing work published by the individual or by initiatives led by the individual.


Strategic Vision & Future Impact.
Based on interview with the candidate and reputable public sources.


Values – Passion, Integrity, Inclusiveness.
Based on recommendations from Selection Board Members and/or the Karman Team who have extensive professional history with the candidate.


Interaction with the Karman Project.
Added-value brought by and to the Karman Project.


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Karman Week

Strengthen Mutual Relations, meet with global leaders and SHape common agendas

Fellows are invited to spend three days together to meet with global leaders, strengthen mutual relations and shape common agendas to tackle global challenges, contribute to expand humanity’s knowledge in space and/or capture upcoming opportunities with space technology.

In 2020, the Karman Week is organised online.

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Karman Day

Strengthen Mutual Relations, meet with global leaders and pursue common agendas

Fellows are invited to the Karman Day where they will strengthen their mutual relations and meet global leaders from diverse countries, sectors and backgrounds. During the Karman Day the Fellows will also present their agendas and establish potential new commitments by invited global leaders toward their agendas.

In 2020, the Karman Day is organised in Europe.

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about the 2020 selection day

Mixing Minds, Rationales and Emotions

The Karman Selection Day in March 2020 gathered for the first time an international board consisting of global leaders in tech, science, business, politics and the arts to help select an inaugural group of Karman Fellows.