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Karman Fellow 2022

Dongkun Xia

Co-Founder & VP
Galactic Energy Beijing Space Technology

Dr. Dongkun Xia is the co-founder and vice president of Galactic Energy Beijing Space Technology Co. Ltd.

He has PhD degree in Signal and Information Processing from University of Science and Technology of China. After graduating with a doctorate, he has worked in China Academy of Launch Vehicle Technology, China AerospaceScience and Technology Co., LTD, and has been widely involved in many research fields, including P-band synthetic aperture radar imaging, anti-ionospheric interference, "biomass" assessment application, rocket system design, as well as China Aerospace 2035 planning, satellite application emerging industry management, etc. During this period, he obtained more than ten invention patents and won the National Science and Technology Industry Management Innovation Award and Technical Improvement Award for many times. In 2018, he co-founded Galactic Energy Beijing Space Technology Co. Ltd. (China), and further expanded his work field, widely participating in project management, market management, financing management and other work. Galactic Energy has now grown into a leading private rocket manufacturing and launch service company in China, and has successfully provided commercial launch services to six commercial satellites for five customers.

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