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Karman Fellow 2024

Melody Korman

Executive Director
Israel Space Forum

Melody's fascination with space exploration spans her professional and intellectual development. Motivated by a profound curiosity about space and a dedication to fostering international collaboration, she seeks to leverage space endeavors for societal benefit, particularly in addressing global challenges such as climate change, healthcare, and education.

Currently serving as the Executive Director of the Israel Space Forum, Melody is at the forefront of driving innovation and international collaboration within Israel's space ecosystem. Through strategic partnerships and initiatives, she aims to position Israel as a key player in the global space industry while also fostering growth and development within the local space community.

In her role as Flight Operation Manager (2020-2022) for Israeli astronaut Eytan Stibbe's “Rakia” mission to the International Space Station (ISS), Melody played a pivotal role in mission planning and programming and inflight management of complex operations in a dynamic environment. 

Melody holds a dual B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering and Geosciences from Tel-Aviv University. During her studies, she served as the head of the mechanical team for TAU’s first CubeSat. She is also an alumna of the International Space University, having completed the Space Studies Program in 2020, and has volunteered across various ISU programs, including ESC21, SSP22, ESC22, and SSP23.

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