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Ouchhh / Ferdi & Eylul Alıcı


Ferdi Alici and Eylul Alici are directors of OUCHHH, a pioneering new media and art studio. They have over a decade of experience functioning as a New Media Design Director for public arts and new media industry.

They strive to find balance between art, science and technology in every work they create. As new media artists and designers, they believe that science inspires great art, thus their integration is vital to their approach. By immersing themselves in the ideas of science, they gain new forms of understanding and develop new ways of interpretation in visualizing and creating their artwork; broadening their horizons where creativity and logic come together to develop a unique artistic interdisciplinary philosophy. They believe in the power of AI and data art, bases their creations on mathematics, nature, geology and the works of particle physicists, inventors and architects. Ouchhh is discovering the boundaries of art by researching the relationship between architecture, art, science, technology, new media arts and artificial intelligence. Scientific research and scientific methods introduce a certain way of thinking that is usually not present in an artist’s mind. Their exposure to these allows them to gain a completely different perspective towards life and art. They are a maestro at combining storytelling with AI art, talented in creating both branding and visionary data art, and a specialist in new media arts, architecture and A/V installations. They create award- winning public arts, AI data sculptures, AI data paintings, video mapping projections, kinetic sculptures and immersive experiences that touch upon the belief in employing art principles based in nature and applying these to computational design. Their work has been featured in world renowned museums, organizations, publications and has worked with numerous international brands. He has also been selected as a jury for Art Electronica, ADC awards, PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards and PromaxBDA Europe Awards. Collaborators and featured include CERN (Switzerland), TEDxCERN, National Space Center UK, Google USA, City University of Hong Kong, Chinese Government, CODAworx (United States), American Indian Arts, MoMA (United States), Immersive Festival (Spain), IdN Magazine, CNN, WIRED Magazine, ABC, NBC Washington, Fubiz, The Creators Project, Nike, Vodafone and much more. They are also the recipient of a number of awards, including Ars Prix Electronica, German Design Award, Asia Design Award, ADC Award, Muse Award, International Design Award (LA) etc...Ouchhh is the first Red Dot Best of the Best award-winning new media studio around the world.

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