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Karman Fellow 2021

Pierre Bertrand

Director of R&D Center
Loft Orbital

As the Director of R&D Center at Loft Orbital, Pierre is leading the development of key satellite technologies to serve Loft Orbital’s innovative business model. Loft Orbital enables its customers to fly their payload in orbit as a service through ridesharing on board Loft’s microsatellites.

Before joining Loft Orbital, Pierre was the project manager for the Assembly Line at OneWeb Satellites, where he drove the design and implementation of a fully digital production line outputting two satellites per day. Pierre graduated from a dual master at MIT, in both aerospace engineering and technology & public policy. His research alongside Professor Dava Newman, former NASA Deputy Administrator, focused on spacesuit mobility and astronaut injury. Pierre has since maintained his passion for human spaceflight. He is the founder of the Space & Shake conferences, inviting keynote speakers from within the space industry to inspire French students. Long distance triathlete and passionate about mountaineering, Pierre enjoys exploration: hiking along the Via Francigena from Chamonix to Rome (1,252km), or flying a manual DR-400 plane from Toulouse to Senegal. He strongly believes that space and exploration are inspirational drivers enabling science and technology.

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