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Karman Fellow 2023

Sara Sabry

Citizen Astronaut, CEO & Founder
Deep Space Initiative

Sara is an accomplished astronaut, leader, entrepreneur, and advocate for increasing accessibility and opportunity in the space field. As the first Egyptian astronaut, the first Arab woman in space, and the first woman from the African continent to go to space, Sabry has made history with her contributions to space exploration.

Sara founded and serves as executive director of Deep Space Initiative (DSI), a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing accessibility and opportunity in the space field while enabling deep space exploration for all. Her leadership has enabled DSI to provide opportunities in research and education that are open to all audiences, regardless of nationality or resources. As a PhD student in Aerospace Sciences, Sara is currently conducting research on the engineering of the next generation of planetary spacesuits at the NASA-funded Humanspaceflight lab.

Sara is an international speaker, passionate about increasing representation of Egyptians, especially women, in the space field, and hopes to inspire younger generations to dream bigger. Sara is also a successful entrepreneur, having founded several companies throughout her career, and is actively working on new ventures in the space field. Her humanitarian efforts in the space industry earned her the prestigious IAF Emerging Space Leader award, STEAM innovation award and others. 

Along with her impressive contributions to the space field, Sara has expertise in several areas including Mechatronics, Robotic Surgery, Stem Cell Development, Augmented Reality, Formula 3 Car design, and Bioastronautics. Sara's accomplishments as an astronaut, leader, entrepreneur, and advocate demonstrate
her dedication to making a positive impact on the world, and she continues to inspire and motivate others to pursue their dreams.

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