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Karman Fellow 2024

Tao Chen

Director of Valve Engineering Department
LandSpace Technology Co. Ltd.

Tao has worked at a national academy for over a decade after graduating and has been widely involved in many research fields. He played a pivotal role in
advancing liquid rocket engine technology, notably as a core member of the LM-5 rocket's main engine development team, which is the largest rocket in China used for
space station construction and lunar exploration projects.

Transitioning to commercial start-up aerospace company LandSpace in 2017, as Valve Engineering Department Director, he spearheaded the creation of the TQ series engines and the groundbreaking ZQ-2 rocket. This rocket's milestone successes, including two orbital launches in 2023, marked a significant industry first, the first Chinese-made rocket propelled by methane and LOX and developed entirely by a private enterprise. The team has also successfully conducted VTVL tests, which lays foundation for reusable rockets. 

Steering LandSpace's foray into larger-scale, Tao Chen now works as Chief Valve Engineer for the ZQ-3 rocket, a larger-scale, reusable liquid oxygen methane launch vehicle. As a leading commercial rocket enterprise in China, LandSpace Company's slogan "Bringing Space Closer" is not only the brand slogan but also a social responsibility. Tao Chen embodies LandSpace's commitment to democratizing space exploration, actively engaging in public outreach initiatives to popularize space culture and inspire the next generation of space enthusiasts. This fusion of professional excellence and societal impact fuels his passion about the aerospace industry, and his desire to unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos.

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