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Karman Fellow 2021

Thomas Oehl

Founder & Managing Partner
Vsquared Ventures

Tommy is one of the Founding Partners of Vsquared Ventures, an early stage deep tech fund focused on Europe. Before moving to the other side of the table, Tommy founded his first company in university and successfully exited it in 2013 and then joined Uber as one of the first employees in Germany.

He is a beer brewer by training, techie by heart and optimist by nature. At Vsquared he puts most of his energy in the operational aspects of new organizations and paves the way with and for founders to fulfil their vision. Aside from brew science Tommy studied Business Administration in Munich but deeply believes that in today's world, with access to any information and knowledge at the tap of a button it "only" needs a curious mind and encouragement to do whatever you want to do. If he is not busy hunting for deals, you’ll find him surfing at Munich’s riverside spot Eisbach or challenging himself and others at Muay Thai.

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