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Karman Fellow 2023

Trent Tresch

Founding Director, Biosphere 2 Center for Human Space Exploration
University of Arizona

Trent Tresch works in bridging the gap between traditional aerospace and new-space innovation. As the Founding Director of the University of Arizona’s Center for Human Space Exploration he works with his colleagues at the Biosphere 2 to operate the world’s highest fidelity hermetically sealed research habitat known as (SAM), the Space Analog for the Moon and Mars. He teaches spacesuit operations and spacecraft egress to professionals of all backgrounds, while also designing and flight-testing space exploration technologies. 

As a pilot, he has been responsible for both crewed and uncrewed high altitude, near space balloon systems. As a researcher and author, he has published on human performance in extreme environments and the use of scuba diving for analog astronautics. Through his time on the board of the Caelus Foundation he has even supported track two diplomatic discussions between countries on the commercialization of outer space in conjunction with the Secure World Foundation and the Paris Peace Forum. He is an active member and award recipient of numerous aerospace organizations pushing the limits in space including the famed Explorer’s Club. 

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