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The Karman Project announces inaugural cohort for Karman Fellowship Programme.

27 April 2020By Hannah Ashford

By Hannah Ashford

The Karman Project is pleased to announce the inaugural group of 15 Fellows for the first edition of the Karman Fellowship Programme. The 15 selected Fellows come from 15 countries and five continents, representing a cross-section of industry, startup, finance, agency, arts and nonprofit sectors. The Fellows are considered to be change-makers and global leaders who are shaping the future of space.

The 15 Fellows were selected from 179 carefully considered candidates from around the world and ranked based on five criteria:

  1. Exceptional achievement.
  2. Contribution across industries and countries.
  3. Strategic vision and future impact.
  4. Core values (integrity, passion, inclusiveness).
  5. Interaction with the Karman Project.

Of the 179 candidates, 52 were presented to a Selection Board consisting of 20 respected and successful professionals who likewise represent a fine intersection of disciplines, industries and cultures. Each Selection Board Member approached their duty with a profound sense of integrity and considerable care. The Board was chaired by Jean-Jacques Dordain, former Director General of the European Space Agency.

The Fellows will participate in the first edition of the Karman Fellowship Programme, where they will strengthen mutual relations, meet with global leaders and design common agendas.

The biographies of the 2020 Karman Fellows and the Selection Board Members are from today available on the Karman Project website.

About the Karman Fellowship Programme

Each year the Karman Fellowship Programme supports 15 carefully selected Karman Fellows in strengthening their mutual relations, meeting with global leaders and shaping common agendas. Over the course of one year, agendas shaped by the Fellows are pursued through tangible and measurable commitments.

About the Karman Project

The Karman Project strengthens personal relations, fosters independent dialogue and encourages cooperation between global leaders in business, technology, politics, science and the arts who want to positively impact space. The Karman Project is a nonprofit and independent foundation headquartered in Germany.


Hannah Ashford
Director, Fellowship & Community, The Karman Project
Email: hannah@karmanproject.org
Tel: +49 176 220 63 184

Annexure: Karman Fellows 2020

  1. Christopher Boshuizen - Operating Partner, DCVC
  2. Christopher Richins - Co-Founder & CEO, RBC Signals
  3. Fabien Jordan - Founder & CEO, Astrocast
  4. Feng Yang - Founder & CEO, Spacety
  5. Katherine Bennell - A.D. Program & Capability, Australian Space Agency
  6. Lynette Tan - Chief Executive, Singapore Space & Technology
  7. Marc Marzenit - Composer & Audio Engineer
  8. Prateep Basu - Co-Founder & CEO, SatSure Ltd
  9. Rafal Modrzewski - Co-Founder & CEO, ICEYE
  10. Rogel Mari Sese - Chair, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Ateneo de Davao University, Philippines
  11. Temidayo Oniosun - Managing Director, Space in Africa
  12. Thomas Pesquet - Astronaut, European Space Agency
  13. Tom Segert - Founder & CEO, Berlin Space Tech
  14. Yoav Landsman - Co-Founder, Moonscape
  15. Yohann Leroy - Deputy CEO, Eutelsat

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