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The Karman Project launches new look inspired by its community

2 November 2022By Hannah Ashford

By Hannah Ashford

The Karman Project is pleased to announce the launch of a new highly-customised website, bringing space and art together in a platform that places its community of global space leaders at the centre of its story. 

The non-profit ‘space-for-impact’ foundation entrusted Berlin-based agency Impolite Culture to lead the project after their successful collaboration during 2021 in creating The Space That Makes Us Human, a platform that attracted various awards from FWA, the CSS Design Awards, Awwwards and others. 

In embarking on this project, the Karman Project aimed to better highlight its core mission of promoting global cooperation in space, and showcase the people who will be leading those efforts. “We work with an incredible community of changemakers, who come together on an individual basis to discuss key topics which affect humanity,” said Hannah Ashford, Fellowship Director at the Karman Project. “Part of the creative process with the team from Impolite Culture was understanding how to best demonstrate this intersection of people, challenges and impact, and we’re delighted with the results.” The new platform highlights the six key Impact Themes that inform much of the foundation’s work (Space for Sustainability, Education, Empowerment, Cooperation, Science and Inspiration), which each serve the relevant Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. 

The new platform additionally reveals a carefully considered visual rebranding, led by Ukranian Designer Irina Gritsay. With the aim to better reflect the relationship between space and the arts that is core to the interdisciplinary nature of the Karman Project’s community, the platform needed to find the balance in speaking to a creative audience while ensuring that it resonated with a diverse and highly international community. “What has eventuated is a visually striking, but clean interface with contemporary branding and animations that reflect the out-of-this world nature of space,” said Lorenzo Musiu, Founder & Managing Director at Impolite Culture. “Every element of this platform has been custom-designed and built with the Karman community in mind, down to the smallest detail in the icons, the representation of their partner network and the colour palette that invokes their core mission of peace-building.”

The Karman Project and Impolite Culture will continue to collaborate in the months to come as they build a new application portal for the launch of the 2023 Karman Fellowship. Stay tuned! 


Agency: Impolite Culture GmbH
Creative Director: Lorenzo Musiu
Development Project Manager: Kien Fam
Lead Developer: Igor Veremsky 
Lead Designer: Irina Gritsay


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