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Karman Fellow 2024

Salah Eddine Bentata

Founder & Managing Director
Si Space Consulting

Salah is a Space Systems Engineer and certified Project Manager with 18 years of experience in the Space industry, R&D, and capacity-building programs. 

He was involved in the development of the national space ecosystem in Algeria with the Algerian Space Agency, through R&D activities, Earth observation satellite projects, and technological facilities development.

Currently, he is diving into a new entrepreneurship experience by founding Si Space Consulting, a space tech startup focusing on Africa and the Middle East, by providing expertise in space engineering and space-based product development, producing research papers related to the space domain, and offering support services to universities and SMEs.

He is continuously involved in the advocacy for Space technology and its social and economic benefits on humans and sustainability agenda, particularly climate action.

By joining the Karman Fellowship, Salah Eddine aims to generate a positive impact on the capacity-building effort in the region and to participate in shaping the future of Space globally.

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